The house No. 90, group 3, hamlet 5, in Hung Hoa commune, which used to be the scene of a horrifying murder case, is now leased by the landlord (Mr. Nguyen Minh Vuong). More than a year ago, according to the testimony of the group of “culprits”, the two victims (Tran Duc Linh and Tran Tri Thanh)’s corpses were buried inside concrete blocks at this house.

According to the Investigation Conclusion of the Proposed Prosecution Criminal Case of the Binh Duong Police Department, two concrete containers containing two corpses were put in Mr. Vuong’s house before the group of four women moved out of the house on March 18, 2019 to stay at Tiamo hotel.

The conclusion confirmed that on March 18, 2019, “accused Thao brought a red Honda Vision motorcycle with a license plate of 63B8-547.17, and some stuff” to an acquaintance’s home. Then “because of the stinking smell of Thanh’s dead body with the glue, the accused people left to rent a room at the Tiamo Hotel”. (Figure 1.1).

Thus, according to the Conclusion of the Investigation, two concrete plastic containers containing the dead bodies were left at Mr. Vuong’s house from March 18, before the group of four women moved to Tiamo hotel.

However, when we played the role of the house buyer after the “murder” case, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung (the father of Mr. Huan – the new owner) confirmed a completely different story: The two concrete barrels containing the corpses were brought into the house after the group of four women had left.

In the conversation recording, Mr. Hung said that between April 16 and 17 of the year 2019, he went to check the house before deciding to deposit. He unlocked and went inside to look around the house. He said: “There is nothing in the house, no furniture, only a few torn nets ..”.

According to Mr. Hung, on April 28-29, 2019, he and Mr. Vuong went to see the house for the second time and did not notice anything unusual. In the both times to see the house: The first time (April 16-17) and the second time (April 28-29), Mr. Hung confirmed that “there are no concrete blocks in the house”.

This also coincided with the confirmation of Mr. Nguyen Minh Vuong in response to the press: “At the end of April, he brought guests to see the house but the door was locked, the group had to climb the fence to get inside. At that time, there were no plastic containers in the house, just some stuff was messed up. The guest agreed to buy the house at the price of 1.6 billion VND and paid a deposit of 100 million VND in advance, promising that the remaining amount will be paid on May 15 to complete the house transfer paperwork”. (According to Vnexpress)

On May 15, the date of the consensus on the handover of the house between Mr. Hung and Mr. Vuong, there were many furniture and items that appeared in the house such as beds, refrigerators, motorbikes … and the large concrete containers placed in the middle of the bedroom. This contradicts details recorded in the case documents that two plastic containers filled with concrete had appeared in the house since March 18, 2019.

In the testimony of Mr. Nguyen Thanh Huan (who just bought the house) recorded by the police of Hung Hoa commune, Bau Bang district, Binh Duong province, he confirmed that there were many items along with the the concrete plastic containers seen in the house on the handover date: “At around 10:00 am on May 15, 2019, I went to house No. 90, group 3, hamlet 5, Hung Hoa, Bau Bang, Binh Duong to meet Mr. Vuong to take over the house. However, when I arrived, Mr. Vuong’s tenant had locked the door, so Mr. Vuong called the locksmith to come and cut the lock. When we got inside the house, there were some assets in the house such as motorbike, refrigerator, bed, mat … ; I noticed there was 1 blue plastic water tank in the first bedroom next to the living room… ”(Figure 1.2)

Another important fact was that the neighbor who could see the house from her bedroom, confirmed that “more than a week before the corpses were discovered, there had been many cars kept moving in and out in the area of the house from 12 am to 2am. Then the smell of rotten stinked out, it was around 1 week before the case’s discovery”.

Thus, stringing up witnesses’ accounts as well as timelines, it can be confirmed that two concrete plastic containers could only appear in the house that Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung bought from Mr. Nguyen Minh Vuong after April 30, 2019.

However, the Investigation Conclusion of the Proposed Prosecution Criminal Case by the Binh Duong Police Department, which confirmed on March 18, 2019, “because of the stinking smell from Thanh’s corpse and the glue, the defendants left the house and rented a room at Tiamo Hotel”. This has contradicted the fact that we have investigated. So how come these four women could be the culprits when two concrete containers were brought into the house more than a month after they left?

In addition, Mr. Nguyen Quang Khai, a Tiamo hotel’s staff said: “A group of guests rented a room on the ground floor in early April for seven million VND/month, of which the youngest girl Le Ngoc Phuong Thao, 29 years old gave her ID card for residence registration. Four people shared a double bed room, lived self-contained, less going out” (according to

Even if somehow this group of women returned to the house (after they had left) to carry two concrete containers into the house during the period after April 30, where did they meet the two male victims? And why would they have to bring the two corpses back to the rental house they left off, is it like denouncing themselves for murder?

Many readers also noticed the contradictory details of the case: “… two victims died for more than a month, but at the end of last month, the house owner did not see two plastic containers (speculation that they were killed elsewhere and then brought here to destroy the evidence).

With such a revealing way of destroying the evidence, unless someone intentionally killed the victims and then placed two corpses in that house to slandered the four women, the perpetrators were “stupid” when they deliberately let others find out the corpses. Even the readers on the Nguoi Lao Dong, while following this case, left a comment: “The stupidest killer in 2019”.

Here are two important facts that can completely change the nature of the case:

1. After the group of four women went to stay at Tiamo Phu Thinh hotel, Mr. Vuong and Mr. Hung went to check the house twice in mid-April and the end of April but did not see any concrete containers.

2. There were a group of people who traveled back and forth by cars to the area of the house for a few days from 12 am to 2 am just over one week before the concrete barrels were discovered.

It is known that these details have been told by witnesses to the investigating agency, but were not found in the case document.