According to the witness who broke two concrete blocks containing the human body, Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung (55 years old, a cemetery worker), on the evening of May 15, 2019, a commune police asked him to break the concrete barrel: “The police officer said that someone drilled the concrete barrel, but after sniffing in a bit of the awful smell, he ran away. I broke the concrete barrel and found out the dead body”.

Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung said: “Since the concrete block was too heavy, they asked for help to smash it, which eventually revealed the crime scene. If this concrete barrel was small enough, they would have taken it away, then everything would be in the past”.

This also coincides with Nguyen Thanh Huan’s testimony: “… until about 14:24 on the same day (May 15, 2019), Mr. Vuong called me (Huan) to come for the handover process of the house. It was about 15:00 when I arrived to get the house and noticed that inside the house there was still a heavy blue plastic tub with concrete inside and could not be moved out…” (figure 2.1) and (figure 2.2).

(Figure 2.1) Photo of the Minutes of the testimony of Mr. Nguyen Thanh Huan on May 15, 2019 – at the discovery of the first corpse.

In the recorded audio of the independent investigation team, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung (father of Mr. Huan – the new house’s owner) also confirmed this. All of the testimonies from the witnesses above showed that the two concrete plastic containers were extremely heavy, so with the weak stamina of four women who had just gone through the fasting process (14 days), would they have enough strength to cast or pull a plastic container containing a dead body fully covered in concrete?

The interview in September 2019 with the home buyers, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung (who discovered two concrete barrels in May 2019).


In Nguyen Ngoc Tam Huyen’s testimony on May 22, 2019, there was this line: “After that, Thao and I tied the parachute cord to the plastic container with Linh’s body inside to drag it into the room where Thanh’s body was” (figure 2.3).

(Figure 2.3) Nguyen Ngoc Tam Huyen’s testimony on May 22, 2019 as stored in the case file.

The two concrete barrels were too heavy, even strong men would not be able to move them, they had to roll the cylindrical concrete barrel to the side of the house. In the case file, Tam Huyen and Thao claimed to use a parachute cord, in order to pull the concrete barrel containing Mr. Linh’s body. With such heavy barrels, how could 2 weak women pull it. Moreover, the concrete barrel containing Linh’s body is a round cylinder, why would the women group not think that it would be easier to roll the barrel than to pull it?

The person who directly broke two plastic concrete barrels, Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung said that he “does not believe these 4 women can ‘cast’ such ‘beautiful’ concrete barrels than that of the masons”. With poor health due to the previous fasting period, would those 4 women be able to perform such a heavy duty of casting such concrete barrels as beautiful as molds?

Video interview with Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung, who broke those concrete barrels.

Mr. Hung also added: “If looking from the outside, it is impossible to know there is a corpse inside, because it looks exactly like the real concrete block, even the metal sheet wrapped around the lid of the barrel is also very firm; I used the hammer to knock the lid off, but it was too steady that I had to use the hammer blade to open it bit by bit. I wonder what kind of welding technique used to make it so tight.

Mr. Hung confirmed that the casting of such a smooth concrete block with the tightly-welded lid, requiring a very professional and skilled-handed person to do so (figure 2.4) and (figure 2.5).

(Figure 2.4) Photos of cylindrical concrete block as kept in the case file

(Figure 2.5) After removing the outer concrete layer, the inner plastic drum is protruded, the photo taken according to the Case File

Through the photo we can see that, the cylindrical block looks all perfect on the outside, nobody can tell what is inside. After breaking the outer layer of the concrete block, the plastic barrel showed up, then when the sealed lid of the barrel was removed, the dead corpse was discovered. So, for such a poor health woman who has just gone through the fasting process like Thao in particular, or this group of women in general, would they be able to do a job that requires such high technical skills and expertise? All the data show that the above statements are very absurd.

Question: Through the witnesses’ accounts, these two concrete blocks were made so beautifully and precisely, that Mr. Hung (the one who broke the concrete blocks) did not believe that any women would be capable of making them (let alone they were in poor health). As to make such a smooth concrete block and wrap it with metal sheets outside, not only do they need to have strength but also the job requires highly technical skills.