One year earlier, the mother had heard barbaric statements in the media about her child being shocked with electric batons and strangled, which were repeated at the trial. But instead of angrily demanding punishment of the four women, the mother claimed innocence for them, saying that the corpse in the concrete was not her son.

At the trial on June 26, 2020, when the judge asked her if she had any request on punishing the defendants, Tran Tri Thanh’s mother affirmed: “They did not kill my son. No claim for punishment”. So, why did the victim’s mother react so strangely?

2 corpses remained intact, showing both victims had just been murdered!

According to the Binh Duong Police Department’s case file, victim Tran Duc Linh died on January 20, 2019 and Tran Tri Thanh died on March 15, 2019.

However, according to Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung, who smashed the two concrete blocks containing the corpses, both corpses had not been rotten yet. With decades of experience in working with corpses, Hung said that both victims had just been murdered: “Both bodies were still intact. If a person died a long time ago, I just needed to hold a part of the hair and the hair would fall out right away ”, Mr. Hung analyzed.

This also coincided with the initial results of Binh Duong Police Department’s forensic examination that said two bodies were killed more than a month before. (Figure 4.1)

(Figure 4.1) Screenshot from newspaper ( .html)

Why did not Tran Tri Thanh’s mother believe that the corpse in concrete was her son?

Short video interview with Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Thanh, mother of the alleged victim Tran Tri Thanh in the 2-Corpses-in-Concrete criminal case in Binh Duong.

One rare thing happened in the trial of this criminal case on June 26, 2020, was that the mother of the victim Tran Tri Thanh (Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Thanh) claimed innocence for the group of four “culprits”.

Speaking to the court, Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Thanh believed that, for some “reason” that four women did not tell the truth, she believed that the corpse in concrete was not her son and that Thanh was still alive. When the chairman asked if she had any requests for punishing the defendants, the victim’s mother said: “They did not kill my son. No claim for punishment”.

Why did Ms.Thanh think that the corpse in concrete was not her child? In an interview, Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Thanh said more clearly about her suspicion:

1. On May 18, 2019, the police took Ms. Thanh and her husband to the Criminal Science Testing Institute of Ho Chi Minh City in order to obtain their DNA sample and said that the results would be sent to them within 1 day. Yet, 1 year has passed since this date; her family still hasn’t received the DNA testing results.

DNA tests are extremely important data, revealing many identifiable characteristics of the victim in case the corpse is deformed, unrecognizable like in this case. So why until the time of the trial of the case (June 25-26, 2020) and to this day, Tran Tri Thanh’s family has not received any DNA test results which could prove their biological relationship?

In addition, the initial results of Binh Duong Police Department’s forensic examination revealed that the two corpses were 30-35 years old, while Tran Duc Linh was 52 years old and Tran Tri Thanh 27 years old. (Figure 4.2)

(Figure 4.2) Screenshot from newspaper ( .html

2. In the conclusion of the investigation of the case: The only thing that could testify that the corpse is Thanh was the fingerprint examination. But according to the investigation documents, the fingerprint assessment results came out on February 20, 2020, and that of Tran Duc Linh on February 14, 2020, which is 9 months after the case occurred. So at the time of Thanh’s cremation (May 21, 2019), the investigating agency still did not have any evidence to confirm that it was Tran Tri Thanh – the son of Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Thanh. (Figure 4.3)

(Figure 4.3) Photo taken on page 15 of the Conclusion of the case kept on file

So, if it takes 9 months to conclude fingerprints, on what basis does the investigation agency conclude that the two corpses are Linh and Thanh at the time the case was just discovered in May 2019?

Furthermore, in the conclusion of the fingerprint examination obtained by the Forensic Science Department of Binh Duong Police (February 20, 2020), it is recorded: Photo of the right index finger’s fingerprint of the corpse, compared with the fingerprint in the ID card of Tran Tri Thanh gave the “match”. But the photo of the corpse shows that its right-hand index finger was amputated with 2 missing knuckle bones (figure 4.4). If so, the corpse will not have the right index finger fingerprint, so how to compare with Tran Tri Thanh’s fingerprint to give a “matching” result? Thus, it shows that this investigation is questionable. Furthermore, according to Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Thanh, her son’s right-hand index finger was never amputated.

(Figure 4.4) Photo of the corpse in the rectangular concrete block (which is believed to belong to Tran Tri Thanh) is kept in the case file. (The rotten part was made blurry to reduce graphical effect)

3. In August 2019, the police told her and her husband to prepare a death certificate for their son, but the authorities still did not give any evidence showing that the corpse was Tran Tri Thanh.

Ms. Thanh went to the Binh Duong Police Department to request them to show the photos of the corpse in concrete, but the police only showed her 3 photos and while she was looking at the third photo, they suddenly grabbed the photo album and took it away from her hand. Later, Ms. Thanh managed to find out on her own that there were about 50 photos but those did not look like her son.

  1. In addition, the corpse in concrete had 3 missing teeth and according to Ms. Thanh, the act of electric shock and strangulation could not cause teeth extraction. So she speculated that this corpse’s teeth had been extracted before. Another more strange thing is that the three missing teeth were not in sequence: Teeth No. 3, 5, and 6. Ms. Thanh confirmed that Tran Tri Thanh’s teeth were in full set, no teeth were missing. (Figure 4.5)

(Figure 4.5) Photo of the corpse in the rectangular concrete block (which is believed to belong to Tran Tri Thanh) is kept in the case file.

Question: With all the above facts, Ms. Thanh does not believe that these two corpses belong to Tran Tri Thanh and Tran Duc Linh. Ms. Thanh also believes that these four women did not murder, because no one is so stupid that they even leave two concrete containers containing corpses in the house which they used to rent in an easy-to-spot location, and then leave.

So if those two corpses in concrete are not Linh and Thanh’s ones, where are these two men? Ms. Thanh believes they have been kidnapped and are being detained.

And who actually put these two “replacement” corpses in the house? We are waiting for the truth to be revealed to update our readers.